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Love is a beautiful sensation that one has for someone special. Love can’t be expressed in any terms but can’t be conceal as well. In this modern age people used mobile phones, chatting, e-mailing etc to express their love feelings. But the unusual and the wonderful way to express Love feelings in this modern age is Valentine’s Day.


Like every year Valentine’s Day 2010 will be celebrated on 14th of February. People across the world celebrate the day by expressing Love for their sweetheart valentines. Cards, chocolates, flowers are being exchanged between Lovers as per tradition. Since it is a special day for Lovers so, everyone tries to make him / her more attractive and more appropriate to this day.
A big subject for guys and girls and they paid full attention to this is what to wear on this Special Lovers Day on a big date.

Here I am going to describe some dresses for girls those would be suitable for this occasion. If you are planning to go on a casual date with like going for a music concert or for a romantic film, then maintain an informal look and wear casual dress.

Red color is a symbol of Love and on a Valentine’s Day every girl strives to wear red color dress. Girls who want to dress up elegantly so, should wear some nice prom dress in red color according to their culture and customs. In South Asia girls mostly likes Salwaar Kameez and Sarees and the girls living in Europe can wear gowns and some jeans.

I suggest you girls, you should wear custom made dresses rather than ready made dresses.
In India most of the girls prefer Saree so here I am going to introduce some elegant red Sarees dedicated to Valentine’s Day.

This gorgeous Saree in red color is perfect as Valentine’s Day wear. If you belongs to India and your height is good then should wear like this. A little fabric work on this Saree made this ideal as a party wear as well. You can wear this Saree if you plan to attend a Valentine’s Party with your sweetheart. 


This shiny red color Saree can be used for a casual date. It is light weight and one can handle this easily. Saree has some printed design which leaves a good impression.

If you are engaged and going to a date with your future’s life partner, than should wear some extra ordinary dress. This dark red color Saree is ideal for such situation. Extra ordinary stuff and heavy embroidery work will add some value to your Love Date.


Salwaar Kameez is a traditional dress and girls prefer this dress for special occasions especially in Pakistan. Here are some designs which can be wearing as a Valentine’s Day dress. This short sleeve with round neck style kameez is ideal and should make you stunning for a big date. Contrasted Dopatta and Salwaar in green color looks amazing with red color Kameez.


This modern dress specially designed as a Valentine’s Dress. One shoulder less style gives this dress some modern look and it is perfect as a date wear.

One can wear pink Salwaar Kameez, if she has a very fair complexion. This sleeve less Style modern Kameez with casual Salwaar made this dress cool. It is perfect for lunch date.

Girls of Europe prefer modern dresses like Gowns so, should wear gowns on this Valentine’s Day. This shiny red color long Gown is an ideal dress if you plan an evening date with your lover. This dress can be wear as a party wear dress. 

What a beautiful Gown it is. It is perfect as a Valentine’s Dress. It is simple, elegant and stunning and can be wearing in night party on this Valentine’s Day.

Gloomy red color always dazzling and attract others. This nice simple Gown is perfect if you are going to be there on your first date on this Valentine’s Day.

Hope you will like all the stuff and from me wish to all of you a very very happy and graceful Valentine’s Day. 

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