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Salwar kameez (also spelt shalwar kameez or shalwar qameez) is the dress worn by both men and women in South Asia and Central Asia. It is a unisex dress similar in manner to shirt and pants worn by westerners. Traditionally, it has been worn in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Punjab (a region shared by both Pakistan and Northern India). It is the official traditional dress of Pakistan. Since the 20th century, women in Southern India have also adopted this dress complementing the Sari, the traditional dress of India. Wiki
As Salwar Kameez is a traditional dresses of South Asia but now a days it is rapidly changing in stylish designs. Most of the dresses designs modifying the salawar kameez according to the modern trend, like Kameez is converting in the Kurti, Frocks, Umbrella Frocks, Open Shirts and Gowns which are reshaping of the Traditional Kameez and Salwar is also modified into the Churidar Pajama, Trouser Salwars, Indian and Pakistani Pajama and Patiala Salwars. Lets checkout the Latest Salwar Kameez and Kurti Designs in colorful Patterns for Parties.

Patiala Salwar, Which follows the Indian Punjabi Patiala Culture, The Designs introduced a huge Variety of Patiala Pajama / Trouser in Market and Boutiques. Both of these dresses have Indian Patiala Trouser with short kameez / Kurti. This patiala fashion always look beautiful with short kameez or new designs of Salwar kameez instead of long kurti because only with short kurti the patiala trouser is prominent. The kameez of both dresses are designed for parties instead of casual season. These dresses have heavy and fancy work of embroidery which is also representing the Indian Patiala Culture.

Here we will discuss the re-modification of frock which was the culture of Mughilia Season (Mughal Dress Culture). The frock fashion was very common and most wearable dress in Pakistan and India, and yet is adopting as latest fashion for parties and functions. But these dresses which I am going to discuss with you is these modern and fancy frocks which is only wear like in India. These frocks are small in length, Fitted (according to the body) and have beautiful embroidery and fancy work in dresses. These dresses may common in India but in Pakistan and Bangladesh there are some religious barrier to adopt these modern look of Frock. Frocks are always uncompleted without Churi-Pajama, that's why these dresses have sparkling / shining look of churidar-pajama. The designer designed these short frock dresses especially for parties / night parties.

In these incredible collection the designer represents the new look of Ladies Kurti / Kurta and Salwar Kameez. Which have bit work of embroidery and colorful fabrics. In these collection the spicy colors are adopted for moder teen-age parties because now a days teen age girls like these types of spicy and colorful dresses for wedding parties only. But in casual and refreshment parties this color pattern is not adopt. All of these dresses have beautiful churidar salwars. 

As umbrella frock fashion is already in and quality designs, garments companies and boutique are already introduced there appreciable umbrella frock designs that's why the designer of salwar.com also show his interest in umbrella frock. These umbrella frocks is highly adoptable fashion as compare to open-shirt and gown kameez. Because only umbrella frocks can represent the real beauty of a slim girl. These umbrella frocks have completely new looks as compare to my previous posts. These frocks have little touch of culture when we see the embroidery work. These types of dresses are highly appreciating in current parties like wedding function. 
All these dresses are taken from salwar.com just for sharing the latest trend of ladies kurti / Kurta with colorful patterns you can easily buy these dresses from their official website. Regarding any copyright issue you can contact us.

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