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Salwar kameez is a traditional, common and cultural dress, mostly wear by women in South Asia. Shalwar are stitched like loose pajamas. The legs of Salwar are wide at the top, and narrow at the ankle. Now according to latest trend a huge variety are introduced. I am also going to share some latest and new Shalwar patterns. Some of these Salwar styles are Party wears, Casual wear and also semi-formal wears. 


It's a latest cotton churidar Pajama with a lot of churies drapes near ankles and these shalwar styles are mostly wear in Indian and Pakistan


Indian Churidar Salwar style
It's a Indian churi pajama style, This churi pajama pattern is taken from indian cultural Anarkali Dresses.

Fitted Churidar Salwar
This is a latest fitted fashionable salwar style introduced by Indian Models for party wears.

Dhoti Salwar style
Dhoti is a cultural Salwar/ Pant style of Pak India Punjab, now becoming a fashionable style for modern crazy girls, The top of the start with lot of Churi Drapes.


This Dhoti Salwar style is taken from Punjabi cultural Patiala Salwar style but it is not a patiala style. This Salwar style comes under Dhoti salwar style.


Latest Style of Dhoti style with long and stylish plated style is looking beautiful with sleeveless short kameez.

Real Punjabi Cultural Dhoti even wear in Punjab Indian and Pakistan as Cultural wears. The Dhotti Fashion is also famous because of Heer Girl, She was a villager girl and mostly villagers wear dhotti salwars instead of normal salwars.


It's a old fashion but now it's a flashing fashion in modern trend. Mostly girls are proffered to wear this stylish trouser instead of normal designs of salwars.


It's also a Indian Trouser Salwar but have a straight flat style


Pakistani Belt-Bottom salwar.
This Salwar Trend was also a very famous style mostly wear in Karachi Pakistan and in Mumbai Indian. The top of the salwar was like a belt but lower and bottom style comes under normal salwars.



Punjabi Cultural Salwar
Recently a new salwar fashion is introduced by modern Punjabi girls. Which may called Wide Salwar style which have unusually very wide salwar even the Salwar's Ankle area which is called Pancha (Poncha) is also wide. This salwar style is most suitable in Cotton fabrics.


The patiala style is taken from patiala city which is also belongs to Indian Punjab. The Patialan Girls usually wear this salwar style as a tradition but now become a peak fashion in all over the world. Mostly girls belongs to Indian and Pakistan wear these types of salwar patten as party wears,


Laila Salwar Style
The Laila Salwar style is taken from old Arabic culture but this salwar style is designed after some modification so that it may follows the latest trend. This Salwar fashion was also introduced by India in an Indian Film Laila Majno but no longer was adopted.


Afghani Harem Salwar/ Pant
Afghani Cultural women wear these types of salwar even wears in Arab countries. This Salwar style was adopted at boom level but now these types of salwars are wears after some modifications.


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