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Pakistani Fashion designers are getting repute day by day in international fashion market; they produce lots of dresses according to the latest fashion trends. Today we will presents some precious dresses of Pakistani designers titled as dresses of 2010-2011 may held in London Fashion Show.
Pakistani designers produced every sort of dresses for every occasion and season. The following two dresses for bridals, both the dresses are very gorgeous and have everything that a bridal dress should posses.

This ghagra choli designed especially for bridals, one can wear this in wedding parties as well. Ghagra is being stitched in simple sharp red color fabric. Choli has beautiful motif, zari and mirror work on it. The pattern of choli is awesome, shoulder less outfit represents modern age suiting while the dress is common and traditional. These types of Asian embroidered dresses are highly appreciated at fashion shows.

This is a beautiful combination of work and thinking. At first look one should consider that dress as a Lehnga, but this is a modern dress produced by Pakistani designer. You can say this Lehnga Choli because it seems like this. Dress consists of an overcoat have half sleeves, Choli that is being nourished with lace and strip work and a simple Lehnga that is being fitted and stitched with long choli. The dress has beautiful motif and zari work. Girls those wished to wear modern dress at their weddings now have a choice.

Pakistani designers give latest and different touch to shalwaar kameez and produce some beautiful outfits of shalwar kameez. Following are some splendid outfits of shalwar kameez designed by the Pakistani designers.
Very long kurti with wide bottom shalwar is very common now days. Designers add some creativity and produce something special. The following sleeve less long kurti has modern V shape neck style. Special “Jalidar” work on neck style is really looking good. Use of different fabric strips to build steps at bottom of kameez are really awesome.

Following dress at this fashion show 2010-11 is a shadow of last dress. The outfit is same but the design is too good. Large V shape neckline style have floral and motif work with thread embroidery and the kameez is in long format so the designing at lower bottom is must. In this regard designer did a best job and use multi-color format to develop design. Shiny work of motif blinks and thread work increases the worth of dress.

Long kurti formats are well famous and designers create many patterns in this outfit. Following long kurti has extra large V shape neck style with sleeve less pattern, while designer did a beautiful work and gives a beautiful touch and make collar for this long kurti. Kurti has cultural design, thread and embroidery work and designer use regular accessory like motif, colored thread, zari and mirror etc.

Indian Anarkali dresses are as famous in Pakistan as in India. A Pakistani designer gives their own touch to the dress and creates a good Anarkali dres called Chooridar Shalwaar kameez in Pakistan commonly. One can wear this dress as a bridal wear. V shape neck style with full sleeve pattern is looking so gorgeous. Motif and zari work on this shalwar kameez looking fabulous and the dress has potential to be a bridal dress in this trendy fashion.

Pakistani designers developed something for western girls those likes’ Pakistani dresses. Following dresses are according to the western culture and trends but in Pakistani style. Umbrella style short shirt joined blouse and the dress seems like a skirt. Blouse has sleeve less pattern having V shape neck style without any collar. Multi-color fabric is looking gorgeous and the waves of fabric gives attractive look to the dress.

This dress has long skirt with short sleeve less blouse. Overall the dress has same pattern but the skirt is in long size. The use of shiny and colorful Lace on skirt is looking marvelous. Blouse has some motif work and this gives glittery sight.

Following dress is a carbon copy of above but the design of embroidery is different. Dress looks executive, one can use this as a casual and beach party wears.

Umbrella frock is so famous in Pakistan, but here designers give a little more fancy and stylish touch to this umbrella frock. Frock has a beautiful combination of Lace and printed designing which gives awesome look. Use of strip to develop neck style is also looking marvelous. This umbrella frock has sleeve less pattern with round shape neck style. You can choose this as a night party wear.

Saree is cultural dress of India so in Saree Design collection India is Leading Saree manufacturing country and always introduced superb Saree collections every year. Saree dress is not only wears as home cultural dress in India but also introduced different categories of sarees like wedding sarees, Formal sarees, Eid Saree, Valentine Sarees and many other events. In different events girls preferred fancy, embroidered and sparkling Saree designs. Here we are going to share some fabulous Indian Saree collection 2010- 2011

It may be a Indian Anarkali Saree in 2010 design collection. Dotted Sarees are also Indian cultural old fashion  but here the Indian Saree Designer gives some stylish look with gotta lace patti. Indian Anarkali Dresses are always recognize with Anakrkali Neckline. This Anarkali Saree Blouse in wide square neck-line is looking beautiful.

It's a sparkling Indian saree in shoulder-less blouse. This is decorated with beautiful contrast floral designs. These types of Indian sarees are mostly wore at Indian wedding function. This Fancy saree with beautiful shoulder-less blouse is designed according to the current fashion 2010.2011.

Vee Neckline blouse is one of the trendy blouse style in Indian Saree collection 2010-2011 which is becoming most adoptable fashion in India. These types of sarees are mostly wearing as formal dress. The saree pattern is following the traditional Mughal culture.

It's a Fancy saree style for wedding and Eid Events. This saree contain traditional colors of India. These types of sharp and dark colors are wearing in parties.

Bridal dresses has its own grace. This bridal lehnga may also in form of saree with beautiful embroideries. The Maroon color is highly appreciate as a bridal dress. This Lehnga is in traditional straight line style with short blouse and a stylish pallu.

These types of Indian Sarees are mostly wore by Indian mature girls (Strong age girls) as party wear. The neckline of blouse and saree colors are designed according to the latest Indian Cultural trend.

Indian transparent saree culture is introduced by Indian celebrities and ever seen in celebrity parties. This transparent Saree may also designed by following the celebrity Saree fashion. The saree has multi-color designs mostly in black and maroon. This design is a pure Indian traditional culture
Disclaimer: All these designs are taken from a fashion blog. you can contact us regarding any copyright issue.

She9 team always presents valuable information and glorious designs about women clothing. Saree is the best and famous dress worn by Indian ladies. Sarees are available in many outfits and designs. Embroidery work and printed stuff are available in this series. Today we will presents some printed sarees that have gorgeous design and latest patterns and may consider as the best saree collection of Lakshmipathi sarees designs.

This printed saree is so gorgeous and have beautiful printed design of summer season. Saree also has some Lace work at corners. Saree pallu has red floral design that looks like a rose garden. Casual and regular pattern is in fashion again. Blouse also has casual and regular outfit and has half sleeve with round shape neck style which is very common for such type of printed sarees. Blouse fabric also has reddish floral design.

This saree is superb and has gorgeous printed design. Such designs are really appreciated and girls likes to wear such printed saree designs on parties. Saree blouse has latest outfit and fabric, designed by best designers. Blouse is in half sleeve pattern and has wide round neck style on both front and back side. Simple printed saree pallu has latest outfit. Design is superb and has multi-color floral printed design. Mustered color scheme is just awesome.

Black, white and silver color combination always gives superb look and if the design is splendid than color combination ads more power to the design. Shoulder less saree blouse has totally black color scheme and has some latest embroidery work. The design of saree pallu has floral stuff among some 3D shapes. Overall the design looks beautiful. Casual outfit always work, so this printed saree has it.

In this printed saree designer try to give cool effect. Overall color scheme is in sky blue color and the design has black 3D shapes. Saree pallu looks like a sea having black particles. Latest outfit has latest stylish blouse style. Blouse has stylish baggy half sleeves with V shape neck style. Blouse itself is in short length.

Multi-color printed designs always attract others and work in every season. This casual printed saree also has multicolor scheme and looks beautiful. One can wear this as a party wear and it works. Saree Blouse is in sleeveless pattern and has V shape neck style. Lace strip is being used at corners to give some more stylish look to this printed saree.

Modern and stylish dresses are very common now days, so designers built traditional dresses according to the latest needs. Following printed saree is one of the best examples of modern working techniques. Shoulder less blouse has latest and modern weaves style outfit, which is superb. A strip is being used to hold saree blouse. Saree pallu has multi color printed design that looks beautiful. Design consists of large multi-color flowers and straight and thick lines which gives overall amazing look.

This Indian rajhistani work in modern way looks beautiful. Red and greenish theme gives 100% cultural image. Lace work on borders also gives awesome look. Sleeve less modern blouse has collar type neck style. Collar also has same lace strip which gives uniqueness.

This printed saree is superb and is fit for parties. Floral design at one side of saree pallu gives attractive look. Modern outfit with stylish multi-color work gives awesome look. V shape neck style blouse has half sleeve pattern and the overall pattern of blouse is casual. Length of blouse is also normal, infect this printed saree is perfect dress for parties.

Floating wispy gowns sway in the monsoon breeze of Ayesha Farooq HashwaniOs creations. Intricately embroidered motifs are set in gauzy chiffons and lined with silken tassles while a little diamante action gives a hint of opulence. Flowing silhouettes give the ensembles a swinging twenties vibe and model Aamina Sheikh knows just how to rock them. Ayesha Farooq Hashwani has been designing evening gowns for an elite clientele. The dresses are for the sensual woman who wants to unleash the chutzpah. What is the point of living unless you do it on the edge?  Instep Style Magazine Model: Aamina Shiekh
All these are casual dresses for fancy parties. Mostly are gowns and long frock and are designed according to western trend. These casual dresses are highly appropriated for night parties.

Lehenga is the traditional dress of south Asia specially Indian then Pakistan.Now a days a huge variety of brilliant collection is available on boutiques but Fish-Tail is one of the gorgeous Indian lehenga style. These Fish Tail Lehenga are also called Fish-Cut Lehenga, Fish Lehenga style, Jal Pari Lehenga, Pari Lehenga Style, The name fish is taken because the the lehenga design is follow the tail of the fishes. Here we are going to share some information with stunning styles of fishtail lehengas.

Now a days lehengas are only wear in parties are any special occasion but in India, Lehenga is there traditional dress. These three fish dress lehengas may specially wears as party wear. The 1st lehenga dresses blouse following the Indian Anarkali blouse designs and 2nd one is following the tradition of India but last one is designed according to the modern trend because of unique embroidery and color. The lehenga has floral zari work. These types of fish lehenga designs are mostly seen in evening parties at Arab countries.

These four fish tail dress may designed for brides as a tradition some of these dresses are out dated but some Fish style lehengas are designed according to the current lehenga trend. These Fish cut lehengas are better than other lehenga style (A-line lehenga, flat lehenga, Umbrella lehenga, Flapper Lehenga etc) because mostly best lehenga designers are now giving preference to the fish style lehenga which are designed according to the shape of the body.

As lehegas are mostly wear in mehendi and night wedding parties when girls celebrate this wedding ocassion with friends so they want to look beautiful according to the tradition so like lehengas and sarees as compare to the salwar kameez. But when they talk about lehenga so Fish Tail is according to the fashion. All these lehenga dresses are taken from a fashion forum you can contact us regarding any copyright issue.

Muslims in all over the world celebrates Eid-ul-Fitar after the Holy month of Ramzan. Peoples of South Asia found more concerned to celebrate this special occasion, especially women and young girls enjoyed a lot with latest fashion and cultural stuff. Shalwar & Kameez is a traditional and cultural dress of India and Pakistan and Muslim women’s wears this dress mostly. Because Eid-ul-Fitar is a part of our culture and religion, so they arranged a lot and love to wear Shalwar & Kameez on this day.
Today we will brief you about some of the best and latest Shalwar Kameez designs and outfits those are more suitable for Eid in South Asia which are designed according to the Traditional Fashion.

Printed Shalwar Kameez are the most demanding dress on Eid, and this Shalwar Kameez has built-in (Printed) design which is very cute. Outfit is casual and fit for summer season. Kameez has half sleeve with simple round shape neck style which is more decent than ever. Floweral lace on lower border of kameez looks so beautiful. Shalwar is in casual and loose pattern. Color scheme of the dress is just awesome and stunning.

Shalwar Kameez with a little work on it is more suitable for Eid than any other dress, due to less cost and more beauty. Following Shalwar kameez is a best example of this. The pattern is also superb and valued in any season. Shalwar is in casual outfit having simple light stuff, while the kameez has little work of embroidery at lower border of kameez. Sleeve less pattern of kameez looks beautiful with square shape neck pattern. The real beauty of this Shalwar kameez lies in Doppatta. Duppatta has rich work of embroidery and little motif work which gives glittery effect to this.

Same pattern as discussed above, this Shalwar kameez has. Just the designing of kameez is different and has little more shiny flowers of thread. Same sleeves and neck style pattern as above dress has. The color is superb and the most demanding color of Eid.

Short sleeve with close round neck style pattern is in fashion again now days. The use of button strip on bust looks beautiful. Fabric is superb and color scheme is just awesome. Printed design has lasting effect and creates more beauty to the dress. Use of mustard color Lace on lower border give some fancy look to the kameez.

This Shalwar kameez has latest fashionable outfit. Just have a look at kameez and you will found some gorgeous work on cuffs. Half sleeve pattern has latest curvy and stylish V shape neck style. This style would be the best. Printed leaf design on fabric gives attractive look and the use of strip is also gives fancy look.

Churidar shalwar has been used by the women of India and Pakistan since long time, especially on religious and social occasions. All the following dress has chooridar shalwar with different type of kameez patterns.
This dress has full sleeve kameez with round shape neck pattern. Button strip along with colorful strips on cuffs and at lower border gives uniqueness in style and looks beautiful.

Following dresses are influenced by Anarkali patterns. Frock type kameez are also demanding and girls love to wear such outfits on occasions. Baggy style half sleeves looks beautiful with V shape neck style. The Frock (Skirt) has beautiful floweral and leaf design have motif work on it. The pattern is superb and according to the latest trends.

The kameez is in full sleeve scheme and multicolor fabric has multicolor thread work. The design is superb has leaf branches and nodes of flower bunches.V shape modern style neck pattern looks more beautiful. Use of strip at lower border looks so beautiful. 

Kameez has gorgeous strip work on neck and the pattern is in round shape. Full sleeve with long kurti pattern looks amazing for South Asian fashion. All these Moder Salwar Kameez dresses are taken from cbazaar just for sharing the latest trend in salwar kameez.