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How to maintain Indian Silk Sarees


Silk is believed to be the king of fabrics. Since decades, it’s seen that anything that is made from silk reflects elegance, be it saree, lehenga choli or any other kind of attire. Silk sarees has been into rage since times and will always be the favorite of fabrics. You will also see the affluence of silk clothing in weddings. Best part of silk is that it is a natural fabric and it enhances the beauty of the attire in every possible way. 

You can wear silk sarees on all occasions whether formal or informal. Giving great pleasure as well as perfection to figure, most women prefer these sarees. These silk sarees are truly comfortable and are available in innumerable stylish versions. You can wear silk sarees in all kinds of weather. So you see, the versatility of silk sarees in all respects makes it eclectic in all ways. Moreover, it can be worn with minimum effort.

When you get such a fabric with so many qualities, you actually need to take proper care of it. Taking care of silk sarees is very important so that they retain their charm forever. The basic point to remember about these sarees is that; never make cluster or bundle of silk sarees as you must have usually done with other clothes. Never keep silk sarees in water for prolonged hours. Try to dry them as soon as possible. For cleaning these silk sarees, always use good quality mild detergent. You should separately wash the border, pallu and body base of silk sarees.


Remember not to use chemicals while washing silk sarees since they inevitably damage silk and end up in reducing its retain ability. If your saree has caught some stain, wash it with cold water immediately. If it’s stubborn even after that, go for dry cleaning, but never go for any harsh treatment. While ironing Indian Silk Sarees, keep in mind to go for medium heat. Never fold silk sarees on same folds repeatedly. Keep changing the folds in intervals. If you prefer embroidered silk saree, try to go for stitching them. Soft handling of these sarees ensures the saree to remain wrinkle free. Never scrub these sarees.

Dry cleaning silk sarees are always the best options, however if you are washing them at home, give it a hand wash always. Raw Silk, India Silk, China Silk, Pongee, Tusser, Shantung, Dupion are some of the silks that essentially should be hand washed. After washing, you should roll the silk saree in a towel and remove the excess moisture, after that hang it on a padded hanger for further drying.

Always cover your silk saree with cotton cloth. Since silk is a natural fabric that needs breathing, only cotton allows air passing to the fabric. Remember not to cover any silk saree with plastic, by trapping moisture your saree can eventually turn yellowish with time. Silk is the place for the breeding of moths; try to store cedar chips or balls with the silks to keep the bugs away. Taking care of these sarees does not take much time, but a little careful attitude. Silk sarees are some of the most valuable assets of a woman’s wardrobe; storing and maintaining these assets are thus always recommended.

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