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Party Makeup | Fancy Party Make over


Fancy Makeup has it's on value for parties. Fancy make-up is mostly used by Bollywood, Hollywood for elite-class parties, weddings, functions, special events and ceremonies. Fancy make-over is expensive and costly. I am going to share some latest fancy make-over trend by famous /  top makeup artist. This trendy makeup can also used as bridal makeup.

This makeup by beautiful model is showing make-up of Eyes, Cheeks, effective nose and lip makeup. The make-up artist have impressive work on cheek with stylish brush on nose shape. Stylish eye-liner, maskara with colorful brushes on eyes have effective look. The Lip color is contrast with light colors. It may also be as Indian Bridal Makeup for fancy bridal parties.

The model have simple but beautiful eye make-over with dazzling eye-liner and light brush one eye. Eye-brows are thick with light-brush. Around the eye light maroon dots (start from small to large) are used for special ceremonies like matches (foot-ball, Cricket and mostly base-ball). These types of make-up are also called sporty make-up (makeup for Sports day)

This model have natural color with dashing and fancy style. Means have effective lips gloss, with no-lips-liner, Lips have sparkling color, Eyes have blue maskara liner with dark brush on eyes, These types of make-up are used for used for models for photo shooting, modeling or during fancy advertising. During entertainment parties mostly chic brides used these types of make-up as bridal makeup for photo shooting.

Completely different look of model showing that these types of make-over have mostly used for dance parties, disco parties, Bar parties or college friends parties for fancy or new look.

The main and special thing in this make up is the artificial eye-lid in white color have striking look with black natural eye-lids. These types of fancy make-up are used by fancy make-up artist for parties. This trend may also used for bridal makeup for Arabic bridal party.

If we talk about make-up for parties so it will always incomplete without night party make-up trend. This model is looking romantic with dark shining red lips, gray eye brushes with gorgeous wet look casual long hairs.

It's a casual make-up style for vocation holidays at beach and for casual parties.

Dazzling look of fancy make-up is mostly using by modern young girls in colleges for shopping visit (out door visits) . This make-up have contrast colors with little face powder, and light brushes.

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