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Hijab is an Arabic word meaning barrier or partition. In Islam, however, it has a broader meaning. It is the principle of modesty and includes behavior as well as dress. The most visible form of hijab is the head covering that many Muslim women wear. Hijab however goes beyond the head scarf. In one popular school of Islamic thought, hijab refers to the complete covering of everything except the hands, face and feet in long, loose and non see-through garments. A woman who wears hijab is called Muhaajaba. (bbc.co.uk)

The jilbāb or jilbaabis the plural of the word jilaabah which means to any long and loose-fit coat or garment worn by some Islamic Girl or woman. Jilaabah is also called as Jubbah or Manteau (which is the French word for coat or mantle). Jilbab is a 2nd form for Abaya or any upper wear, which covers the all body (expect face, Feet and hands). Jilbab is mostly wear in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Gulf countries and many more.

In this modern age as clothing trends improving itself day by day and more and more styles are being introduces by the designers, in Islamic world designers also creates groom and variety in Islamic clothing for women and emerge beautiful designs while keeping the dignity of dress safe. Now days hijab and Jilbab are widely used to give stylish look. Large V shape Jilbab enriched with motif and embroidered work looks cool. Blue and dark brown contrast is very nice. Designer suggests belt for working women, so that they would feel free to wear that suit. Jilbab’s are widely used with trouser and jeans in west and in Gulf. The Jilbab have beautiful bridal hijab which is contrast with the jilbab.

Baggy style Jilbab with hijab really appreciated by women of gulf. In the summer season girls prefer such type of dresses. Little floral work on upper portion give it’s a stylish look. Plates are being stitched and designer made this in loose style especially for summer season. Hijab is contrast with Jilbab and looking dazzling with under hijab wear and being a Islamic Hijab mostly Islamic girls wear under-hijab. Gul Ahmed Hijabs may also following these types of hijabs.

Embroidered work is the most use able and preferred work in women clothing, either the dresses are western or eastern. This is a simple Jilbab nourished with some thread work on arms and on front. The arms are in baggy style to give it’s a stylish look.

For spring season girls mostly like colorful and thin fabric to wear, because it’s too hot in the Gulf area during hot summer. This is a simple Jilbab stitched in a simple lawn type fabric having regular style of printing. Printed Jilbab’s are highly appreciated along with trouser and jeans. Hijab is contrast with jilbab and have beautiful lace border. This Islamic Hijab is looking gorgeous with under hijab.

To give some cultural look designer use some cultural pattern to design on Jilbabs. This is the simple Sindhi and Balochi and Indian Cholistan cultural design that was used by the designer in a modern style. Designer threads this cultural pattern on front, at arms and on the edges of Jilbab. White and maroon color combination reflects also the culture and it gives just amazing look.

Simple thread work on the front of the Jilbab and a simple line is being drawn on the edges of sleeves and on the neck. Jilbab has square shape neck style while on the front floral thread work is being nourished by the designer. This is a perfect party wear dress.

Silk type of fabric is also being used to manufacture Jilbab’s. Open coat type style widely used by working women. Cuffs, neck and front of the Jilbab is in stylish format and gives very attractive and executive look.

Large motif and glass work is being done on this dress. This can be a wedding ceremony dress due to its heavy work on it. Thick motif work in silver color gives amazing look with shiny dark brown ground. Round shape neck style with hijab is very common and unique with such type of heavy dress.

Another beautiful and stunning work and combination of motif and zaree work. Designer used motif and glass in such highly professional way. This is a hundred percent suitable dress wedding ceremony.  Neck style is being drawn amazingly and gives stylish and modern look. Motif work in a same color adds some more value to this dress and increases its beauty

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