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Abaya is the Islamic fashion for Muslim Girls by following the Islamic cultureTraditional of abayat are in black color and mostly are in large square of cloth which is draped from the shoulders or head or a long caftan. The abaya covers the whole body except the face, feet, and hands. It can be worn with the niqāb, a face veil covering all but the eyes. Some women choose to wear long black gloves, so their hands are covered as well.
Islam requires women to cover in public. In Iran the cover is often referred to as a chador. In South Asia, it is known as a burqa. 
Here I am going to share some latest trend of abaya with modern style. As Abayas and Hijabs are now wearing as compulsory dress for out side visit. Even Some European girls feel proud to wear it and mostly young girls wear it as college wear.

Like Western-style fashion, Abayas are for different times of the day and occasions. Abayas for normal daytime wear are usually plain or have simple designs. Abayas for evening wear are more elaborate, with different cuts and intricate designs. Abayas for special occasions such as weddings and Eid are so exquisite that they almost look like black gowns. Diamante, Swarovski crystals, leather, lace, denim and fur-abayas are laden with everything imaginable. You can even get sporty abayas. As compare to Jilbabs now Abayas have it's own values.
This Abaya dress as a upper wear are in Saudi Arabia Abaya style with beautiful drapes have round neck and covering ankles. This black Abaya have baggy style. These types of abaya are also wearing in India, Pakistan and bangladesh as Islamic Traditional dress.

This Abaya in black color have cyan border on arms looking stylish with gorgeous hijab and leggy. This abaya is short to knees and have baggy style.

This abaya in long shirt have yellow ribbon like a belt and have yellow lace border. This long-sleeve jilbab have short round neck and looking gorgeous with bridal hijab. These types of Fancy Abaya designs are wearing in western countries as a Islamic cultural dress.

This Abaya style is like Irani Abaya style with have beautiful floral ribbon belt and have beautiful red lace border. This abaya have baggy sleeves and like a kaftan.

Beautiful western style of abaya have blue belt style and looking gorgeous with contrast lace border. The abaya has magnificent embroidery sleeves.

The Abaya style may following the Iraq Culture, like way of wearing and abaya style is like Iraqi tradition. This abaya have red scarves for hand and have matching (Contrast) border. The hijab is in casual style.

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