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Like Nish lawn, Firdous Lawn, Pareesa Lawn and Sana Safinaz Lawn, Gul Ahmed also introduced brand new fantastic 2010-11 collection for ladies in this tasteful summer. All these dresses are designed according to present and future trend. All these dresses have floral style with spring colors and contain formal wears, casual wears, Semi-Formal wear and party wears dresses.
As wearing trend have been changed as compare to short kameez or fitted tops, Long Shirts (Long Kameez, Long Blouse, Long Kurti or Long Tops) and Open-Shirt dress are most trendy dresses since winter 2009, Summer 2010, Winter 2010 and may also in summer 2011 with some modification. These long tops are too long that some kameez covers ankles. These long tops are looks dazzling with trouser salwars and leggy.

Chic Luxury
Bring out you best this Season & flutter with style in Luscious warm tones to keep you in sync with summer.
It's a sleeveless floral dress with long shirt. This long shirt is like a Sherwani and have round neck. Cultural neck design follows Sindhi and Balochi cultural. Mostly Tribe girls of Thall, Cholistan and rural areas of Sindh and Balochistani Girl wears these types of cultural neck style with baggy dresses. This Gorgeous Gul Ahmed dress have trouser salwar.

Essenza De Silk
Indulge Gul-Ahmed's Egyptian allure & feel the enchanting radiance of summer...
This dress may designed for vocational holiday wear like EgyptDubai or any Arab countries for this hot summer season. This sleeve-less dress in short round neck with long shirt kameez have trouser salwar

Gul-Ahmed dresses are always incomplete with-out colorful floral designs. Chic Girls always look attractive with colorful floral designs. Like this sleeveless dress have floral texture printed designs. Gul Ahmed Designer focus on yellow, orange and a little touch of white color can wear as mehndi function (wedding party) parties.

This stylish Gul Ahmed dress have blue contrast with floral designs.

Essenza De Silk
Capturing the contemporary bloom of summer.
This dress in black color have little light floral designs. This short sleeve dress is like a doll dress style. The neck have lace work on short stylish kameez and colorful texture designs on the lower area of kameez. These types of dresses always look impressive with trouser salwar. Mostly trend-setting models like these types of dresses for fashion or magazine editions.

Shades of green bring opulence back to your summer dresses.
White and light colors are most wear-able dress in summer season lawn dress. This lawn shirt in long style have mega short sleeves and have colorful floral designs. The trouser is extraordinary wide from ankles area of trouser salwar. These types of dresses are wearing as college wear by young fashionable girls.

Essenza the Silk
Accented with fresh summery colors, envelope you self in the soft folds of Essenza & experience regal radiance like never before.
Pink color comes in girl's favorite colors so that dress may be the best dress for party wear and college wear. Mostly girls give importance to wear fashionable / modish dresses for colleges and university as compare to parties. But Parties especially night parties have it's own value to wear sole fashion dresses.

Essenza De Silk
One more design is promoted by top dress designing companies containing Gul Ahmed in this trendy summer that half design of shirt / Kameez (top area) have simple design like one contrast color where as bottom / lower area of shirt have fancy design like colorful floral designs. This long kameez shirt is sleeveless with short round neck and have baggy trouser pant in same fabric.

Unveiling a whole new you.
Gul Ahmed may introduced Blanche Noire brand in lawn dresses to give importance to black & white lawn dresses. With this brand black and white lawn dresses may be promotes with extra efficiency
All these black dresses have sleeveless long kameez with collar-bane style, round neck , V neck and shoulder-less neck, These dresses have baggy trousers.

Contemporary style with unmatched brilliance

The ultimate in monochrome

Fleur De Chiffon
Fashion's more covered collection. A should-less wide neck design for night romantic parties. This dress is giving dazzling impression with with white floral designs on black dress and an extraordinary long kameez style.

G-Woman (Single Print Collection)
Ethnic Allure statement pieces for an unrivaled look. This dress have Umbrella frock style long kameez in sleeveless style and collar-bane neck. This Umbrella dress have fitted salwar like churi-pajama pattern. These types of dresses are wearing as semi-formal and casual dress.

Fleur the Chiffon
In these Gul-Ahmed 2010-11 collections, Designers also gives preference for party wear dresses, As we know according to current trend night parties are more celebrated as compare to day parties so These types of Gul Ahmed Dresses 2010 & and 2011 can wear as night party wear. This Gul Ahmed dress is like a Gown in attractive colorful floral designs and have beautiful floral Gul Ahmad Dupatta.

Reinvent your-self this season with impeccable designs and exotic hues.

Embrace the glamour of bygone days with soft-hues and luxe that lasts.
This Gull-Ahmed Dress in Glamour style have one shoulder neck (One Shoulder-less neck) in floral designs may designed for morning parties (Day light parties).

In Gul Ahmed Magazine It's also a brand new design in lawn fabric and Open Shirt is one of them, Most of the Gul Ahmed Dresses have open shirts kameez in stylish designs. Like this Gul Ahmed Open Shirt Kameez have beautiful neck designs and floral designs especially red floral giving a dazzling impression to this dress. Open-Shirt is always incomplete with-out trouser or pant. Like this Open-Shirt have white flapper style pant.

This Black Gul-Ahmed Lawn Dress have light printed floral design on sleeveless dress and have magenta flat salwar. 

Summer Temptation
Bask in the glory of luscious colors and lavish fabrics.

A timeless fashion where purity reigns supreme.

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