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She9 ladies fashion blog is continuously providing you the valuable information about cultural and trendy women clothing. Today I will present some cultural Indian stuff hope you will like all these. Ghagra Choli is a traditional dress worn by girls of North India specially Rajasthani women which also covers India and Pakistani Sindh and Punjab. It is a two piece clothing comprising a Choli and a Lahenga (Ghaghra). (Wikipedia)
Gharara is also called Sharara are simple long skirts worn with a blouse. The significant difference between Lehnga Choli and Gharara Choli is the skirt length. Gharara Choli’s skirt has more length like short Kurti. The Gharara’s are stitched like Lehenga but tied up from thighs.


This is simple type of Sharara. It is light weight and can be worn as party wear. V shape neck style of Choli (The Skirt) has beautiful motif work. Upfront of Gharara along with cuffs of Choli also has same pattern motif work.


The Rajhastani Ghaghra is also famous in India. This dress keeps traditional work and history in it. In this snap model wear yellow cultural Rajhastani gharara. The kurti is more short than previous one while Ghaghra is in simple traditional style.


This bridal ghagra choli is most famous and Indian girls are crazy about this. For Bridal wear this dress especially nourished with Motif and Zari work to make it better suitable as a Bridal Dress. The yellow and light blue contrast of Ghaghra Choli looks amazing. Since it is a cultural dress so it is necessary for designers to keep its cultural old look.


Designer Ghaghra Choli’s are becoming popular now days. Loose Ghaghra with Loose Choli (the skirt) and Loose Ghaghra with tight choli are in the market. This loose ghaghra designed according to the Punjabi culture. In Punjab girls mostly wear loose Ghaghra with Loose Choli. The dress is nourished with thread work on the background and on the edges designer did Zari work.


The loose Gharara with tight full sleeve Choli also is in fashion. It is influenced by Indian Punjabi culture. The sharp edges neck style has a great impression. All the edges of Choli (The skirt) fed with Gota Patti and tinted with shine. Red and sky blue blend of colors looks stunning.


Long and loose ghaghra in red color with navy blue baggy style full sleeve Choli is front of you. This type of Ghaghra Choli is worn by Bridals of rural areas. The dress is highly influence with cultural style and karhai floral work.


Ghaghra Choli is a traditional and cultural dress but in this modern world designer try to promote this dress with modern touch and works a lot on it. This is modern style Indian Cultural Ghghra Choli. The Choli (The Skirt) is n open style kurti with long V shape neck style. The contrasted dupatta looks beautiful with green gharara and yellow Choli.


Beautiful half white baggy choli in full sleeve which is decorated with red gota patti and embroidered Sharara is looking fantastic in bridal red color.

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