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Lehenga is the traditional dress of south Asia specially Indian then Pakistan.Now a days a huge variety of brilliant collection is available on boutiques but Fish-Tail is one of the gorgeous Indian lehenga style. These Fish Tail Lehenga are also called Fish-Cut Lehenga, Fish Lehenga style, Jal Pari Lehenga, Pari Lehenga Style, The name fish is taken because the the lehenga design is follow the tail of the fishes. Here we are going to share some information with stunning styles of fishtail lehengas.

Now a days lehengas are only wear in parties are any special occasion but in India, Lehenga is there traditional dress. These three fish dress lehengas may specially wears as party wear. The 1st lehenga dresses blouse following the Indian Anarkali blouse designs and 2nd one is following the tradition of India but last one is designed according to the modern trend because of unique embroidery and color. The lehenga has floral zari work. These types of fish lehenga designs are mostly seen in evening parties at Arab countries.

These four fish tail dress may designed for brides as a tradition some of these dresses are out dated but some Fish style lehengas are designed according to the current lehenga trend. These Fish cut lehengas are better than other lehenga style (A-line lehenga, flat lehenga, Umbrella lehenga, Flapper Lehenga etc) because mostly best lehenga designers are now giving preference to the fish style lehenga which are designed according to the shape of the body.

As lehegas are mostly wear in mehendi and night wedding parties when girls celebrate this wedding ocassion with friends so they want to look beautiful according to the tradition so like lehengas and sarees as compare to the salwar kameez. But when they talk about lehenga so Fish Tail is according to the fashion. All these lehenga dresses are taken from a fashion forum you can contact us regarding any copyright issue.

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  1. All these lehenga dresses have good design. Fish cut lehenga gives a good Looks For brides.