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Salwar Kameez is the most famous dress worn by the women of South Asia. Salwar Kameez has lots of cultural image and social issues related to dressing of women. Women dressing in South Asia have abundant choices and Salwar Kameez in 2010 & 2011 is one of the modest and simplest forms of dressing. With the passage of time Salwar Kameez becomes most famous dress and Pakistani & Indian Salwar Kameez has lots of designs and modest patterns now days. Indian Salwar Kameez has its own destiny in women clothing and due to delicious designs and patterns of neck styles. Here we are going to introduce some gorgeous patterns and designs of Indian Salwar Kameez 2010-2011.

Printed Silk fabric Salwar kameez can wear in all seasons. This Silk Salwar kameez has built-in printout having floral pattern. Three piece suit having Dopata, Salwar and Kameez, Salwar is in simple single color and the kameez nourished with dark brown strip at the bottom of the kameez. This Indian Kameez has shoulder less neck style bended with strips. The pattern is in simple casual style. This Indian Salwar Kameez is pretty suitable for summer season 2010-2011.

Another modern built-in printed Indian Salwar Kameez is front of you. The modern neck style with large panel is giving beautiful look.

Double fabric Indian Black Salwar Kameez with shoulder less pattern is front of you. The neck style is in casual and simple square form having strip. The Salwar is in Churiidar pattern. Churidar Salwar is a cultural pattern having royal value and it is being used by the Indian Queens. The Kameez has built-in design and thread work on it.

Fancy Indian Kameez with casual simple salwar is looking marvelous. The Kameez is being stitched with embroidered fabric having small holes. The use of slip is compulsory with this Indian Kameez. The modern neck style covers both the shoulder having hole at bust is looking great. A simple touch of ban color also is being used now days to stitch fancy Indian Salwar Kameez.

This fancy two color dress is stitched in a similar fancy pattern. The neck style is in unique modern style with cuffs and bottom of kameez. 

Beautiful suiting pattern of Indian Salwar Kameez with some cultural touch is here. The open kurti pattern with full sleeves having baggy style cuffs giving extra modern look. V shape long neck style having contrasted strip is also in fashion. The Salwar is in cultural Chooridar pattern having floral faded design. This Indian Salwar Kameez is fit for party wear.

Short Kurti with Churidar Salwar is being used widely as part wears. Although the trend is changed now but still this pattern is under use and girl likes this. Full sleeve Kurti with cultural semi round neck style having little curve at center looking fabulous. 

Churidar Salwar Kameez having royal look with classic pattern of Kameez is here. The modern curvy neck style of long fitted Kameez is looking gorgeous. Printed silk Indian Salwar Kameez with strip work on the bust and at the bottom of Kameez contrasted with dupatta giving uniqueness in style.

This great design of Indian Salwar Kameez 2010-2011 is 100% fit for night and marriage parties in summer. The Sleeve less pattern with stylish neck style is here. Neck style is covering whole bust and the horizontal makeup of strips presents modern look in casual manner. The printed Salwar is in casual loose style. All these dresses are taken from cbazaar from his Salwar Kameez dresses.

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