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We don’t call him style guru for nothing. This shoot proves that over and above the world of fashion, Tariq Amin can make even the most ordinary faces look beautiful - effortlessly. If your hair has personality, you automatically acquire one. By: Instep Magazine (Tariq Amin) and Models are Hifza Ali, Komal Khan, Ruth, Sateera and Tahera.
Hair-style plays a very vital role in ladies fashion. Now a days young generation specially school and college girls have a lot of hair style and most of the popular is casual hair style for street fashion. Here we are going to share some Attractive casual hairstyle as street fashion.

It's a Half up long curly hair in Arabic Hair style. Casual curly are mostly known as soft, sexy, loose hair styles. Normally, the top half or sides of the hair is pulled, tied, or pinned back and the back is left out to hang down below the shoulders. This hairstyle can be worn at any casual events and for window shopping. These types of half up hairstyles are usually curled, colored, tied, teased, gelled, waxed, brushed out, and lacquered into place. This hair fashion as street casual style are mostly adopted by these girls who have healthy hairs.

It's a Half up long straight hair style in casual dye style. This hair style is adopted from the Japan culture with some modification. Young girls who have healthy and smooth hairs adopt this hair fashion. As it's casual street fashion so the half of the Hairs are straight and back side are a little curly. Mostly Arabic young girls preferred these types of hairs.

Long Straight Hair fashion is one of the famous fashion in South Asia for those girls who remains open their hairs but these types of hairs need extra ordinary care as compare to other. This casual long hair style are little rough at their ends. This casual long fashion looks best on these girls who have slim faces. 

It's a Medium Straight Hair style which was also favorite style in 19th century. But now a days These styles are adopted with some curly to make it attractive fashion.

Now a days hair Wigs are change the hair trend. A huge variety of Fancy hair wigs are available in market. These wigs gives a stylish look to the hairs and girls preferred these types of hairs for casual parties but in western countries it is used as street fashion. The original hairs are dyed with multi colors and are long straight.

As these are casual cut hairs so have rough shining style. Teen age girls who have healthy hairs preferred this casual hair style. These are medium hair style with little curl and waves. 

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