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Lehenga Choli is a formal dress of women, and mostly used on occasions such as wedding etc. There are many designs and outfits of Lehenga Choli available in the market and still designers produce some more. Today we will present some latest chic designs and outfits of Lehenga Choli to you as a bridal dress. Girls love to wear Lehenga Choli on their weddings.

This designer chic Lehenga Choli designed for western girls those has South Asian family backgrounds. Light pink silk fabric Lehenga have traditional pattern. The embroidery work with white thread and the beautiful design and the use of accessory is the real beauty of this Lehenga. Series of flowers having small motifs at their center gives imaginary feelings. The design is really superb. Choli is being stitched with same simple fabric and no design is being fetched on this, but the outfit and the structure of the choli is western. Shoulder less choli reflects western touch.

Casual stylish Lehenga has beautiful embroidery work. Round neck style Choli with half sleeve pattern is being used widely and gives unique lasting impression. Beautiful embroidery and thread work give some more power the dress. Design of lehenga also superb and can be used anytime, although the trend has changed, because the outfit is casual and traditional.

The following Lehnga Choli Collection has many things to describe. This is really an awesome Lehenga Choli for bridal. Although, the design is simple and looks traditional but, the work on it makes the real difference. Cultural work on Lehenga and on Choli makes this better and more beautiful. Use of Lace and strip at border also gives good impression. The design consists of large flowers having some shiny accessory such as motif etc. The Choli has sleeve less pattern and have large V shape neck style casually designed by the designer. No extra work is being done on Choli to give unique look to the dress.

What a beautiful dress it is and what a beautiful color scheme this Lehnga Choli has. Stunning pink color dominated in all over the dress. Sleeve less casual style of Choli has square shape neck style. Beautiful embroidery work is being used to develop the strips of Choli. This looks really awesome. Doppata and the lehenga have same style and same technique of design.  Zari and Motif work on the lehenga looks beautiful. The design has floweral and horizontal schemes of designs. The lower border of Lehenga is being fetched with lace instead of Zari and motif work.

Modern technique is being used to develop this lehenga choli. This looks really awesome. Color scheme is also good, but the main thing of this lehenga choli is its pattern and outfit. The lehenga has some Zari and thread work to make this wedding dress. Fish Tail lehenga pattern is really superb. The lower border has series of horizontal lines of different printed strips which gives beautiful look. The choli has different and modern design and pattern. Shoulder less pattern is being intermingled with rounded neck pattern. The red strip gives awesome look.

White bridal dresses also being used now days. Designer choose white color scheme this time and got superb results. The use of different colorful strips in a series gives beautiful impression to this dress. Motif and zari work also gives beauty to this dress, but the main thing is the technique that designer use to put strip series to the dress. One shoulder less pattern of Choli adds some more value to the dress. Choli is being made by simple fabric.

The following two Lehnga Choli dresses have the same pattern and technique. Both are casual and traditional bridal lehenga choli dresses and used widely in South Asia especially in India and Pakistan. Bothe the dresses have heavy work of embroidery and the use of Zari material is rich. Both Lehenga Choli dresses have beautiful designs and styles. Both dresses have simple half sleeve Choli pattern which is very common in such dresses.
All these lehenga dress collection is taken from a forum if some one has proof of these pictures please contact us, we will give it a back link.

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