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Charming Indian Saree for Parties


The saree is one of the most common and oldest forms of dress. Saree is cultural dress and fashion wear in India and continues to be the most popular dress worn by Indian women. The Saree is non-stitched cloth devoid of eroticism. Indian Sarees for part are well-known amongst the women across the world. The main specialty of wearing Saree is that it adds more beauty to the woman, who wears it. It is widely used through a broad spectrum of functions-family and non family.
These Saree collection includes Indian Bridal Sarees, cultural sarees for party wears and casual wear Sari with different styles.


Casual Saree is favorite dress for parties concerning families like birthday, engagement, post marriage dinner etc. it is light in weight and easy to feel.
In this picture Indian Model is glittering with Saree which has half sleeve round neck Saree blouse in black color. Occasionally it can be worn on formal functions. The Saree Pallu has light simple printed pattern tinted with shine.


Here is a new style of casual wear Saree with glamorous style which can lure ladies to astronomical levels. The wide round neck blouse is in maroon color contrasted with Saree giving cool look. Saree Pallu has printed cultural style tinted with shine. The beauty of this Saree lies in curved strip of glossy look at upper Saree Pallu.


Here is a new style of Saree with full sleeve “V” shape blouse. The sleeves are in green color while blouse is in pink. Cuffs are also in two color format. Saree Pallu has light Gota Pani work in golden color.

Its a Magnificent Embroidered Saree with Velvety blouse in blue color shrouded in envelop of simple unstitched cloth with silver platters gives a unique look blend with subtle style. One can wear this beautiful Saree in night functions because of its pulsating feature.


Red color is the symbol of love. Valentine’s Day is heralding and this is a superb gift for lovers who want to reinvigorate their relations on this auspicious day. The Saree Blouse is in full sleeve format. The floor of unstitched cloth has golden flower style.

This Bridal multi colored saree is in fish style. The blouse has beautiful collar which adds value to the “V” shape neck style.

Here is the modern style of Saree for Parties. One can wear this in marriage functions. The Blouse is in long style having Suit Collar (Coat Collar) also called collar sari blouse. It's an Indian cultural Saree fashion. This saree blouse style also used in Indian Channel "Aap Ka Colors" drama serial "Na Aana Is Des Laado". which focus on culture of India.

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