30 Nisan 2013 Salı


Floating wispy gowns sway in the monsoon breeze of Ayesha Farooq HashwaniOs creations. Intricately embroidered motifs are set in gauzy chiffons and lined with silken tassles while a little diamante action gives a hint of opulence. Flowing silhouettes give the ensembles a swinging twenties vibe and model Aamina Sheikh knows just how to rock them. Ayesha Farooq Hashwani has been designing evening gowns for an elite clientele. The dresses are for the sensual woman who wants to unleash the chutzpah. What is the point of living unless you do it on the edge?  Instep Style Magazine Model: Aamina Shiekh
All these are casual dresses for fancy parties. Mostly are gowns and long frock and are designed according to western trend. These casual dresses are highly appropriated for night parties.

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