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Frock is basically a modified form of Kameez (Kurti, Ladies Shirt). Frock is a beautifully designed outfit that has unique measurements. It is loose like umbrella at bottom and the rest of the dress has tight pattern. Designers modified this dress and have created many designs in it. Lots of casual and cultural embroidery works are being used to make the dress more beautiful. Indian Frocks are the most famous and established form of the dress frock. Indian Anarkali dresses are the origin of Indian Frock. Chooridar Shalwar has been used to wear with such fancy frocks and you can say that this tradition. Here we are going to presents some gorgeous Fancy Indian Frock styles for 2010 and 2011 and outfits with amazingly beautiful designs.

This is a simple Frock has little work on bust. Neck style is being modified in such a beautiful manner that it looks like a bridal dress. One can use this as bridal dress. Shoulders are being made in such a manner that feels like a part of neck style. Beautifully designed neck design enriched with motif and thread work. Some floweral design is also being enriched in a same fashion at lower bottom of this Indian Frock for 2010 - 2011. All these frocks contains A-line frocks, straight frock style, parallel frocks style, cultural frock pattern and umbrella frocks.

This Indian Frock has little ouch of western technique. The half sleeves baggy style is unique in west. This casual Indian Frock has square shape neck style that looks good with half sleeve pattern. The frock has curves like waves and this is a traditional touch to this Indian Frock.

This casual Indian Frock has little work on neck pattern. This can be a very fit for a party wear. Collar style has cultural pattern called “Ban” in India and Pakistan. This style is very famous now days. Neck style beautifully designed with silver thread embroidery tinted with shiny motif work.

Beautiful combination of colors this Indian multicolor frock has. Black and red always gives cool effects. Sleeve less baggy style pattern is very common in Indian Frock style. Lower bottom of frock has different color fabric like a border and it feels good. The most beautiful thing in this Indian Frock is neck style and the design that is being fetched on it. Designer used white and silver thread along with same color accessory like motif and stars etc.

The same technique and theme this Indian Frock has as we explain above. The pattern has full sleeves and the collar is an additional part. Designer intermingled collar and neck style that looks very beautiful. Silver shiny strip is being used at cuffs and lower border of the frock as a border. Again the design at bust and neck style is very beautiful and the beauty of this Indian Frock lies in it. Curvy shape of neck style suits very well with this type of neck design and embroidery. The design is just awesome.

Following Indian Frocks are same in pattern and the theme is also the same. Both has sleeve less casual loose pattern ad outfit, both has border strip and both has beautiful Indian embroidery work on bust and at neck pattern. A very rich thread and motif work is being done on neck style that feels good. With little more work one can use such Indian Frock as a bridal wear.
Disclaimer: All these images are taken from a forum, regarding any copyright issue you can contact us. These dresses are taken, just for sharing latest trend.

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