29 Nisan 2013 Pazartesi


Wardha Saleem has been designing for some years now through she hasn't started stocking yet, She plans to after Eid and her vision will be a welcome addition to Pakistani ready to wear. Always colourful and innovative, yet incredible tasteful, Wardha has a knack for putting together different prints in the most unlikely combinations that fall seamlessly into place. Using panels of different prints, She creates one of a kind ensembles (consisting of separates) that look striking enough to be formal even if they are not embellished. The highlight of this collection is the gold block printing that sets the mood for the season that will start now. Magnificently shot by Tapu Javeri and featuring the uber-stylish Fayezah Ansari posing amidst the Makli tombs, Wardha Saleem’s creations lend themselves marvelously to the surroundings, despite being so very modern. By: Instep Magazine
Here we are going to sharing the Chicky Collections of  Wardha Saleem. These collections are representing the Long Kurti Fashion, Short Kurti, Open Shirt kameez, frocks and many more...

It's a long kurti style with short stylish trouser. This long kurti is sleeveless and showing the funky style for modern parties and night weddings.

Now a days Open shirt Kameez is very common in market. Thats why the designer show his interest in open shirt style as a Chicky dress and these types of dresses are highly appreciated for outdoor parties and casual picnic parties. This shirt is looking stunning with churidar pajama.

Now a days Best dresses designers introduced a huge varieties of Frocks in South Asia. When we talk about South Asian frocks so Umbrella Frocks are highly appreciated. It's a long umbrella frock with churi-pajama.

It's a Rajistani Fashion, Short Kurti with baggy Salwar. This short kurti is sleeveless and have sparkling designs. Patiala Salwar fashion is old but this salwar may introduce for some stylish changes.

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