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Now days Mehendi Experts use different techniques and different things to did extra and to prominent their Mehendi Designs. Whatever the design, Indian Cultural Mehndi Design, Pakistani, Arabic Mehendi Design, Irani etc whatever, designer now usually use Para, Glitter and motif to give shine to their designs.
Here we are going to share some Best Mehndi Designs 2010 - 2011 of Best Mehendi Designer of the world. The Top Mehndi Designer of the world may design these Mehndi Designs. These Henna Designs include Bridal mehndi designs for hands, Party Mehndi designs for hands and feet, Colorful Mehndi designs and Embroidered Mehndi Designs. 

Mehndi Trend 2011-12

Now a days as mehndi trend is changed so the top mehndi designers are using mehndi out line in dark color to  giving a prominent mehndi design of hand. This Floral mehndi design in dark color have cultural style but by giving the out line this mehndi is become modern mehndi fashion of 2010
It's a Arabic floral mehndi design for bride. This Bridal Mehndi design is simple and comes in top mehndi designs categories. These simple mehndi designs can easily draw by any designer.

2011-12 Designer Mehndi

This mehendi design is following the culture of Pakistani and Irani Mehndi design. This Henna Pattern also comes in Best Henna Fashion of 2010 because of its critical and sharp work of designs. And only top mehndi designers can draw these types of henna. These types of Pakistani and Irani mehndi designs are mostly used in parties.

Best Mehndi Design

This latest mehndi designs may following the Punjabi culture so we can say that it's may be a Punjabi mehndi designs. This back hand mehndi design have Bangles (Chudi, Churi) style with series of sharp work on hands and arms. Mostly College girls who preferred sleeveless style dress are using these types of mehndi designs for arms and hands to impress others. And mostly seen in Punjabi Girls (Punjabi Kuri)

Party Mehndi Design

It's also a Arabic mehndi design for parties. This back hand mehndi style have boxes style mehndi and mixture of round and texture style. This mehndi pattern is also filling the fingers of Arabic girls and looking beautiful.

This beautiful mehndi design which covers half arm with bangles style, and floral impression on hands also comes in best mehndi fashion 2010. The designer introduced shades in the floral impression and have very sharp (thick) Mehndi work on hand.

Bridal Arabic

This mehndi design should be the best mehndi designs of 2010 just because of beautiful and sharp work on it. The designer may used out-line on it with dark color. The mehndi may be designed by the Indian mehndi designer because of Indian culture and covering hands, Arms, Feet and legs with the same theme. These types of mehndi designs for feet and hands are mostly used by Brides.

These types of mehndi designs with sharp work may drawn by the professional mehndi designer and comes in costly mehndi designs. The Henna is following the Indian mehndi style which covers hands and feet with floral and cultural style.

Colorful mehndi designs are the trend setting and modern mehndi style in the current mehndi fashion of 2010. Because of changing of Mehndi trend the top mehndi manufacturing companies are introduced mehndi in different colors. But it is not enough, The best mehndi designers are using motifs and sparkling elements to become it fancy mehndi style. These fancy mehndi styles also called embroidered mehndi style.

Modern Mehndi 2011

As mehndi trend is famous not only in Asia (South Asia) but also have it's own value in western countries named as tattoo (Tattoo Mehndi). It's also a form of mehndi but may not drawn with mehndi (liquid mehndi) because the mehndi manufacturing companies introduces some paints, Stickers and other liquids in form of mehndi so that it can easily remove. This mehndi design have floral work with leaf (Leafs) which covering not only feet but also legs. Mostly young girls (college girls) are using these types of mehndi design for special events.
It's an elegant mehndi design may also come in top mehndi designs. This sober mehendi design is a simple design and looking gorgeous on this pretty feet.
All these pictures are taken from myartmehndi  just for sharing latest mehndi fashion in 2010-11 as a idea sharing.

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