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South Asian Bridal Dress 2010


Geographical factors has strong relations with the habits of food, living style and clothing. In this world every part of land that share some common values of cultural, demographical and racial called state, and the people of every state or piece of land with special values those compare and apart them from the outer world have some cultural and racial norms and values and the always proud on them. The values includes living style, food, shelter and clothing style. In similar way every state has its own ceremonies and styles to celebrate these. Wedding is a ceremony that has been celebrate in all over the world and people of different demographics celebrate the function in their own cultural way. Bride should be the special personality of a wedding ceremony and she is.
Bridal dress always reflects the cultural and demographical values and people always like such dresses for brides. Today she9 team will introduce some gorgeous and beautiful dresses for brides, one can say them South Asian Bridal dresses 2010.

Lehnga, Salwaar Kameez and Sarees are the most common dresses of brides that wears commonly in South Asia. This Lehnga dress is expensive and rich with expensive motif work. The style and pattern of this Lehnga dress influenced up to some extent from Western trend. The long and loose Lehnga with thick strip of separate trendy embroidery design at the bottom makes this dress real bridal dress. The Choli is in shoulder-less  pattern with overlapped V shape neck style. South Asian Brides will copy this bridal dress 2010.

Green is the color of peacock and usually not used to manufacturer bridal dress. This bridal dress is in green color and looks amazing. Fish Tail lehnga style with short shoulder-less V shape neck style looking gorgeous. The peacock design is simply creative and the dress has beautiful design technique. Heavy embroidery work is essential for bridal dress so the said dress also has heavy embroidery and motif work at the bottom on the thick strip.

Beautiful South Asian Bridal dress is front of you. The two bridal color scheme is just amazing. Pink color always hot and most demanding for bridal dress, fish tail lehnga style is very common and model looks pretty in this South Asian Bridal dress 2010. Shoulder-less round neck style blouse is in large pattern, having beautiful thread work and have 3D shaped design, that reflects modern touch in this South Asian Bridal Dress 2010.

What a dress this is. The beautiful Zari and embroidery work makes this dress more expensive and attractive, although the color is not so appealing but the style and embroidery and designing makes this 100% perfect South Asian Bridal dress. Short sleeve with semi baggy style arms and large round neck style also trendy and cultural stuff of South Asian Cultural Bridal dress.

Beautiful red bridal dress is here. extensive and extraordinary beautiful embroidery and motif work this South Asian Bridal dress has. The design is also so hot and has cultural trendy touch of South Asia. Shoulder-less small blouse with small V shape neck style also looks amazing. Color scheme is so marvelous and this South Asian Bridal dress, no doubt The Bridal Dress of 2010.

Cultural Lehnga with Chinese cultural touch looking gorgeous. The Lehnga has loose bottom and tight belt, giving umbrella look and the thread work on the black strip at the bottom is so impressive for me. The main specialty of this South Asian Bridal dress lies in the pattern of Blouse. The open and large V shape neck style having colorful thread work on it gives attractive look at first sight. 

The fiash tail lehnga with casual and usual blouse style and pattern is also so famous due to its less manufacturing cost and simplicity of style and pattern. Although this South Asian Bridal dress has less embroidery and Zari work but still this is a South Asian Bridal dress of 2010. These pictures are taken from  southasianbridemagazine.com. for bridal party wears.

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