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Punjabi Cultural Salwaar Kameez is consequently famous due to reliability and the most of the designers work on such designs and patterns because it has plenty of room and margin to design, modify and to feed it with thread embroidery etc. Punjab is the biggest land area of Pakistan and India that shares same cultural and carnival values. ALLAH gifted all the four seasons to Punjab and in every season salwaar kameez always be a preferred clothing of both women and men.

Basant, Bahar (spring), these are the names of spring season and the people of Punjab celebrate this season with lots of festivals like Basant etc. Clothing trends also being changed during spring and girls like colorful dresses. This wave of change in clothing will prolong to the end of summer season. Today we will have a gossips about typical Punjabi Salwaar Kameez and I will presents you some beautiful Punjabi salwaar kameez dresses.
This beautiful multicolor salwaar kameez has enormous work of Punjabi cultural stuff, have a look and this would seems you like a garden full with beautiful and colorful flowers. It’s amazing Punjabi cultural salwaar kameez dress. Beautiful long U shaped neck style nurtured with motif and gota pati. The kameez is in sleeveless pattern and short in length according to the cultural needs of this Punjabi cultural salwar kameez dress.
Multicolor design is simply awesome and the border of kameez shines with beautiful and heavy work of motif. Salwaar is in red color and is in loose style. The doppata also have a great work of cultural design and unique way of Punjabi styles.
Three piece salwaar kameez having simple and slim pattern with multicolor fabric. The dress is so beautiful and beautifully designed by the designers while keeping the things in mind that they are going to design special Punjabi Cultural Salwaar Kameez and they really got success and designs simply a great Punjabi Cultural Salwaar Kameez for cool and hot spring and summer season. This is a real gift to Punjabi girls of this 2010 summer season. The Round neck style has (Paan Pata) pattern and the border is fed with silver motifs and right below the neck designer fed a beautiful imaginary sun splitting waves all around and use a big motif in the center. The Doppatta and the border of Kameez also embroidered with contrasted fabric.
Red and green color combination feels cool and fantastic. The multicolor doppatta has cultural pattern of design and printed accordingly.

Pnjabi Cultural Chooridar Pajama with short and slim kameez also the part of Punjabi cultural clothing. Multicolor V shape neck with sleeveless kameez with green chooridar pajama looks amazing, and designer gives to it little modern touch and use different fabric for neck archetype.

Punjabi cultural salwaar kameez with fancy and modern touch is front of you. Fancy coat collar with U shaped neck style equipped with motif and designer fed this area with beautiful thread work. Motif and Zari work also being done at front of kameez and also on the border. Sleeveless pattern is so famous and being used on this too.
Loose salwaar like patyala salwaar also is the part of Punjabi culture. Loose salwaar in diognal lining style looking gorgeous with short kurti. Kameez is fed with motif and thread work and the floral design looking amazing. Sleeveless kurti with V shaped over-locked neck style is just amazing. Zig zag wave is moving on the surface of kameez.

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