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Fashion is a compulsory part of human life in this modern age and the most important aspect of fashion is presentation. Fashion has mount up almost every part of human daily life within it and the most important factors of it are clothing, jewelry, communication, eating habits and the cultural norms. Women always lead fashion and always present something new. Culture of South Asia is a bucket of colors and enormous fashion trends. Mehndi has a strong and old relationship with our culture and women are savvy about Mehndi.


Mehndi is the part of daily life of South Asian girls. On occasions and parties it assumed as obligatory part of fashion, especially in wedding ceremonies.
This is a simple nice Mehndi design covers both sides of hands. Designer design this in a frequent mode and this gives a pleasant sight on both sides of hand. You can say this “Leaf and root style”. To make this benchmark as a wedding Mehndi style designer putt some shiny stuff such as “Para”, “Motif” and glitter along Mehndi.

Here is an extensive work of basic Mehndi design. Designer beautifully use floral and leaf style and sketch this design on wrist along hands. The design is different but in same format on both hands.

Arabic Mehndi designs are become famous here in South Asia. This is a simple Arabic Floral Mehndi Design. Designer format this design diagonally and it is 100% perfect as a Wedding Party Henna Design.

Now day’s girls like Mehndi Designs, that covers both hands and wrist. In this picture designer creates simple leaf format diagonally and put little spots to give attractive look. You can use this as a Mehndi Party Mehndi Design.

Beautiful Bridal Mehndi Design is front of you. Nice sharp and thin use of lines along with big floral style gives to this design attractive look.

Another Bridal Mehndi design is here, and designer use a big flower to draw at palm and use bangles styles and some leaf style on wrist and on arm.

Back side of hands is an important for designers and designers gives full attention on it. Here is a design for back side of hand. A big round shape Bella flower is being designed at center and the leafs are being sketched on fingers. You can draw this for a Shaadi Party.

Arabic styles always give a unique look and girls are savvy about these. Here a beautiful cool Arabic Mehndi Design. Different designs, but in same format on both hands is being sketched. In Arab and Middle East such design are famous as a Wedding Ceremonies Mehndi designs.

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