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Mehndi is a ceremonial drawing originated in India. Mehndi Fashion typically reflected cultural norms and applied to brides before wedding ceremonies. Traditionally in India mehndi is applied to a woman's hands and feet. Mehndi is a low cost fashion in 2010 & 2011 so that it is so famous and usable. Girls not even use Mehndi (Henna) on ceremonies but also use formally. In recent times, mehndi has enjoyed both a revival and a renewal and now women designs mix of styles. Here we are presenting some gorgeous blend of mehndi designs those can be applied as a bridal, ceremonial and casual styles

Indian Mehndi

It's a Latest Arabic Mehndi design for Hands and feet for Bridal mehndi Design. These types of simple mehndi designs are mostly adopted by teen age (young Generation). The Mehendi pattern have series of flowers and leaf which covers the full hands and legs.

Chic Mehndi Style

It's a beautiful Indian mehndi design for hands. The design have Wibble-Leaf design. Mostly beautiful  teen age chic girls preferred these types of simple mehndi designs for wedding parties.

Floral Mehndi Art

It's a latest Mehndi fashion which is mostly used in Indian wedding parties. Floral Mehndi design on legs and feet showing the culture of Indian Mehndi Art. Feet mehndi Fashion is also now taking popularity in India, Pakistan and Arabic (Gulf) Countries.

Islamic Mehndi Art

Islamic Mehndi Fashion Covers front hand with Islamic Mehndi cultural art. As fashion always repeat so in 2010 and 2011 year Fashion take some serious changes containing old Mehndi Fashion. Like this Mehndi fashion is old but in 2010 and 2011 it takes some modifications.

It's also a Indian Henna Cultural Henna style for wedding and casual. This mehndi design for hand covering Hands, Fingers, and full arms. This Mehndi Design is designed with following designs, Wind humps, paralello-humps, Wibble-Leaf, Ziggy-Zoggy, Fish-bone Lines, Mummies on a wavy line and bumps, Mummify Swirls and Flowers on fingers and with buds and Game Boxes on Arms. Some professional mehndi designers can draw this Mehndi art on body easily and hand.

It's peacock mehndi design according to Indian mehndi fashion of 2010-11 and Henna and may specially designed for wedding parties like Mehndi Party, Walima, Refreshment, Mayun, or any special events. This Mehndi art covering hands and Arms.

It's a Indian Mehndi for Back Hand and Arms for teen age chic girls. Now a days Girls who wear short sleeve dresses like full arm mehndi designs. And now it's become the college fashion and street mehndi fashion  or Outdoor Mehndi as casual.

Indian Bridal Mehndi

As Mehndi is become a compulsory part of fashion for parties in 2010-11 and may also be in 2012, That's why mehndi designer creating innovating ideas of Mehndi art as in western countries and also in India and Pakistan Mehndi art at body is very popular but mehndi art at hands and arm have it's own value. All these pictures are taken from Harmony Henna to introduce latest mehndi art fashion with approval.

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