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Globalization gives new ways to collaborate and emerge cultural and social trends, values and customs. In this era we can access anything through our computer and can implement in an efficient way. This ease of technology allows us to merge cultural trends and creates some new cultural or global values. In women fashion globalization gives variety of means to adopt and create different by cultural fashion trends.
In ladies dresses, jeans are one of the major dresses that wore in this world. In South Asia especially in India and Pakistan girls like to wear jeans as a casual dress and use Kameez and Kurti’s along jeans.
Kurti is a Kameez in its nature but short in length and has more casual designs and patterns. Here we are with some new and latest designs of Indian kurti’s that can be wearing as a casual dress and Parties in this summer season of 2010-2011.

For summer season designers always tries to build something light in weight colorful and elegant. This design influenced by some Lawn design. Basically thin fabric with tiny holes is being used to develop this Indian Kurti. This Tunic / Kurti has full sleeve in a single thin fabric while base of kurti sewed like a frock. Overlapped neck style giving elegant look.

Others are some fancy design in a similar fashion. This Stylish kurti is being embroidered with same color thread and the pattern has modern western look. Floral baildaar embroidery with gotta panni work gives Glamorous look to this  Indian Tunic Design. Cuffs are also being decorated in a similar fashion.

Beautiful and excellent work of silver strip is front of you. The pattern is influenced by western style and neck style of double overlapped fabric giving shiny and executive look. Pink color always be the most demanding color for girls.

The following three Kurti designs can be put in a single category. All the Kurti’s are in printed fabric and all are in sleeveless pattern. All these Inidan kurtis  has minor difference in pattern and that is tightness from the middle of kurti. The second Kurti dress has cultural and traditional Frock style while other two have some looseness from the middle.
Neck styles are also most demanding. Third kurti has round shape cultural style and the second and first one has collar style. All the kurti’s are elegant and beautiful.

Cotton kurti’s are also most demanding for soring season. This multicolor printed cotton stuff has thread work on it. Baildaar thread work reflects cultural Indian floral kurti style. The pattern influenced by crushed fabric theme that been popular in early time of this century. Multicolor strip has been used on border both on the edges of kurti and sleeves. 

Cultural embroidery work always being welcomed especially in South Asia. This kurti dress has cultural embroidery work and cultural neck style. Separate fabric is being used for embroidery and then at the end being stitched along with basic kurti. This full sleeve kurti with large coat collar neck style can be used as evening party wear.

Following two dresses may has shafoon fabric with vertical lines. Both the Tunics has same style and pattern but the neck style is different. Both the kurti’s has some fancy look and can be wearing in a wedding ceremony with jeans. Neck styles are cultural and have local Indian and Pakistani style (Tanka). The second kurti has printed stuff at collar and neck with shiny look. All these dresses are taken from cbazaar.com and She9 use its logo so that no one can copy this article.

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