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Gul Ahmed Textile Mills is one of Pakistan’s leading exporter and manufacturer of Home Textiles and Cloth. Gul Ahmed always offers dashing designs for women clothing along with quality fabric. Gul Ahmed Lawn is famous all around the world due to its designs and quality. Considering the growing trend towards the Fashion World, Gul Ahmed step forward and introduce some extraordinary and unique products to capture maximum retail market. In South Asia women of rural areas manufactured some customized designs and fabrics through old techniques. These designs are good looking to see and also have some quality to wear. Most of the designs influenced to local cultural trends and traditional preferences. Gul Ahmed takes a step to re-invent such designs with modern stylish touch. Gul Ahmed collects cultural designs and handicrafts fabric, do some research and finally introduce special fabric with mixture of latest and cultural handicraft designs.

G Woman Ethnic Quill (Exclusive Embroidered Prêt Line)
In G Woman Gul Ahmed revives the age-old tradition of rural handicrafts. The skilled women of our villages have embroidered unique designs for our latest Ethnic-Quill collection.

Gul Ahmed launches modern casual wear dresses those consists of Kurti with Jeans Pant. Mainly Gul Ahmed worked on Kurti to making this idea unique as I brief this idea earlier.
Here you see a Sindhi Cultural Handicraft Kurti with modern touch. The Sleeves of the Kurti in Flapper style and have Sindhi Tanka fabric work on edges. This feels amazing. The neck style also has Sindhi Tanka work but the format of Neck is in modern style. So this is a good blend of modern and old cultural rural fashion.



This design of this dress is taken from Sarhadi (Peshawar) culture. This modern type formatted open ended kurti has beautiful Sarhadi Handicraft work on it. Sleeves are in flapper style while Palu’s of Kurti have extensive fabric hand work. Dark and light color combination looks astonishing. Gul Ahmed introduced this Kurti with tight Jeans. Long Shoes with this dress add some extra value to this dress and make this fully casual wear dress.



A little extra addition to some existing product converts this to a new product. Following Long Kurti has Punjabi cultural handicraft work on it. Coat style Kurti can wear in winter with a modern shawl. The cultural handicraft work on this Kurti has some phool boota theme (Branches and Flowers theme).


Ghagra type this Kurti has Balochi tanka work with flapper style sleeves leaves modern look. Gul Ahmed blends this modern style kurti with old balochi cultural handicraft design. On dark brown color fabric orange color hand work with modern “V” shape neck style makes this Kurti totally a casual wear.



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