29 Nisan 2013 Pazartesi


Lakhani Textile is a well known textile firm that produced quality products with extraordinary designs. Lakhani Textile is famous that it produced always what people want. The completely focus and work on current theme and fashion trends. Today we will presents some Lakhani printed stuff those stitched according to the latest outfits; in fact this would be the best bundle of fashion for you. Let’s have a look.
Such a marvelous design it is and designer use this design in such a professional way that this seems like be painted after stitching. Black and white color combination looks always smart and most of the girls like this combination in summer. Design is just awesome and cool have shapes, flowers, leafs and small spots which looks so beautiful. As we all know long kurti is most famous outfit now days, this long kurti has open coat outfit and designer merge neck design with the sides of open kurti and this looks amazing in Gown. Baggy style full sleeves looks so beautiful with such kind of outfit and the strip work at lower bottom also fine.

As all the dresses have same outfit i.e Long Kurti with trouser, so keep in mind while reading that you are reading about Long Kurti designs, outfits and fashion trends which is also look like Gown.

Orange color with black always looks attractive and mostly used in summer. Girls love this combination because it gives cool look. This Lakhani Long Kurti design is also incredible and no doubt one of the best designs of the year. Large shapes are being used to develop lower part of the Kurti while small and floweral design is being fetched at above side. V shape neck style with full sleeves looks good. Designer use thin and latticed fabric for baggy style sleeves.

Long Gown with sleeve less pattern always work. This Lakhani Long Gown is superb in outfit and in design as well. Same work and design technique is being repeated as I explained above, but the color combination looks too good. V shape overlapped neck style always looks cool when you used sleeve less pattern. Black thread embroidery on dark pink color looks so beautiful. This is a perfect party wear dress.

Simple designing in a serial way always leaves attractive look. Lakhani designers did well and produce fabulous designs and also concentrate on color scheme that no color spoil design and no design spoil color scheme. This mustered color Lakhani Long kurti looks well and the outfit is also so beautiful. Round shape loose neck style with sleeve less pattern and the outfit has little stretch at center while lower portion is in loose style. Colorful Lace and strip work at lower border also looks good. Little fancy work is also being done at neck pattern. Separate piece of fabric having floweral design is being used at side portion of Long Kurti which looks cool.

Lakhani Designers developed something in a traditional way and use cultural embroidery and style as well. Following Lakhani Gown is a best cultural dress of this season. Designing and embroidery both the department has cultural image within itself. Multi color designing and white thread embroidery feels good on red color fabric background.

Change always attract others, usually you found embroidery on neck, border and at ground of kameez but rarely found on sleeves. This Lakhani Long Kurti has thread embroidery at sleeves. Floweral work looks cool and the printed design also feels good.

Japanese cultural dress consists of open long kurti with very loose full sleeves. Lakhani designers also develop something like this. Have a look at Lakhani Long kurti design. The color scheme the design and the outfit everything is superb and amazing. Strip work at end borders of sleeves and at neck edges looks so beautiful. Very rich and beautiful thread work is being done at ground of kurti and the design is also so beautiful and have amazing floweral scheme.

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