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Few trends are so comfortable to wear, paired with a super skinny jeans or leggings and leather booties. The oversized, slim fit and loose top/dress makes looking good effortless (for those lucky enough to have the right body type for this look). Western clothing fashions always have perfection and step up within the measures of dressing either a man or women. Today we are here with some gorgeous Western and beautiful Top/Dress Collections, it will definitely please you and you will get some different ideas to have such dresses for you. Top is basically a short or second term that has been used for a two piece or three piece dresses.
All the Fancy Latest Tops / Shirts are two piece dresses and collection has skinny jeans with different types of shirts. Western culture and touch made these more elegant but if you are Asian you can also wear such dresses.

This is a latest Tunic Fashion dress consists of skinny jeans in navy blue color and a fabulous Top/Shirt. Shirt has full sleeves with rough and baggy style of neck type which gives casual touch to this dress. All such types of dresses are basically for casual use. Loose outfit of shirt is so cool and look beautiful with the combination of skinny jeans. At one shoulder designer did a superb job and develop a spot like a plain area which omit waves.

Modern Kurti / tunic style with casual blue skinny jeans looks so beautiful. White color western top/shirt has full sleeve slim fit outfit that has little creative work which gives this a modern look. French collar of the shirt/top looks so beautiful and gorgeous. Cuffs are in abnormal size and part of the trend now days.

Beautiful and colorful Kurti style / Top / Shirt it is and gives perfect match with black skinny jeans. Embedded flower style printing on hard blue color gives fabulous look. Loose baggy style western top has square shape neck style. This would be the perfect western top dress for beach parties.

The design has little so many spots separated at a specific distance from each other looks so marvelous on red color base of western top/shirt. Full sleeves with loose round shape neck type casual outfit shirt/top with black skinny jeans looks so cute.

Zebra embedded designing on shirts always look pretty. This western top/shirt also have such design but with little modifications. Casual regular length half sleeve shirt has simple round shape neck type with simple and casual pattern. Western top/shirt is really looking nice with black skinny jeans.

Girls who like western street fashion will like this top/shirt because this has loose slim fit pattern with loose semi round neck type. Short sleeve trend in shirts is again in fashion now days. The design is so simple but attractive and imaginary. Color scheme contrasted with skinny jeans.

Those girls who likes some creativity regarding women clothing and likes simple fashion in casual western clothing would like this dress. Skinny jeans with top/shirt are a most famous western dress and this dress has beautiful designer western top/shirt. Baggy style collar and short sleeves looks cute with built-in designing and color combination and theme also looks so attractive and gorgeous.

In summer season western top/shirt collection of light and thin fabric always appreciated. Following dresses are for summer season.
This beautiful top/shirt has little creative work and the design and outfit is superb, just awesome. Baggy style half and short sleeves with simple wide collar style that has tie knot at the center looks amazing.

Same sort of stuff, design and outfit this western top/shirt has but the color scheme is different with the little change in design.

A marvelous and creative work this western tunic has. Open collar with V shape neck type have button strip which looks so beautiful. Half sleeve with elastic strip at the edges also has little touch of creative work. The design of this western top/shirt is just awesome and cool.

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