26 Nisan 2013 Cuma


Stylish Rukaiya Adamjee has made a comeback to the world of fashion and style with an aesthetical approach focused on modern beauty. Luxurious locks take centrestage with makeup used to accentuate the features that the Pakistani woman possesses. Instead of creating looks that only works in glossy magazines, Rukaiya captures the true essence of the modern woman, by asking her clients to be a part of this shoot – these are gorgeous, modern, progressive woman juggling careers, academics and families. The only model here is Fayezah Ansari (left) with the sharpest short cut. By Style Magazine.
Here we are going to share some brilliant and stylish hair fashion of Rukaiya. She represent some of her famous and stylish hair style containing different hair fashion for casual and parties also. Lets have a look on these these Stylish hair styles.

It's a short hair style with casual look. Now a days short hair style are mostly adopting by those women who remain busy in work and not have enough time to maintain them. So these hair styles are mostly appreciation as casual look also for those girls who wants to look different as compare to other girls who have medium and long hair style. 

It's a full layer cutting hair style with stylish look. These types of hair styles are mostly adopted by teenage girls as casual look. These shoulder cut style with layer cut are suitable for only slim girls.

It's a shoulder full step hair style with little curly style. These dye hair styles are mostly adopted by young and chic girl. 

These are long hair styles with curl and beautiful hair style. Hair cut, makeup and coordination: Rukaiya @ Rukaiya’s Salon
Photography: Shamyl Khuhro
Drapling: Rabia Sppmro

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