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Indian culture today, built with the amalgamation of different outside impacts in early stages of 18th century. Different powers come in India and bring their cultural values to here. Indian people always observe an outer effect, that’s why we can see many different types of cultural, religious, social and custom values in Indian peoples. Due to this you can see a variety of things in Indian culture, customs and wearing styles.
In Indian culture you can see lots of styles of clothes, like Saree, Lehnga Choli, Salwar Kameez and modern dresses. Today we will present you some gorgeous Indian Classic Lehnga Choli styles. These all are lovely styles according to the modern fashion techniques.  Let’s have a brief look to the design and patterns.

Classic Style of Choli
All following Indian Classic Lehnga Choli dresses with modern styles has same and unique type of pattern and styles. The color scheme is different and you can choose at your own choice. All these Indian Classic Lehnga Choli’s have Classic old type Lehnga patterns with beautiful embroidered long Choli styles.  All styles have heavy embroidery work and one can wear that in wedding parties and even can use as bridal dress.

Exotic Lehenga style

Bridal Lehenga Choli

Angrakha Choli Style
Traditional Indian Classic Lehnga Choli Designs.
Here we have different styles of traditional Indian Classic Lehnga Choli dresses. All the dresses have short Choli patterns with different types of neck and sleeve styles. You can select Lehnga Choli for all events. Lehnga patterns are in different styles like, simple, fish cut, umbrella and straight fit.
Motif and Zari work on these gorgeous Indian Classic and Cultural Lehnga Choli dresses gives fancier look to the dresses which also made them effective for party wear dresses. Most of these designs of Indian Classic Lehnga Choli’s can wear in wedding parties
Round shape neck style with short sleeve choli’s are really looking nice and the outfit is really superb. Strip and lace work also being done in these Indian Classic Lehnga designs.  Describing one by one all these designs really hard and does not describe within the boundaries of this short article.

Straight Lehenga Style

Classic Style 2011-12

Fish Tail Style 2011-12

Modern Fish Style

Classic Bridal Look

Kalli Style of Lehenga

Classic Bridal Fish Style

Latest Lehenga Look

2011-12 Lehenga Style

Embroidered Lehenga

Colorful Lehenga Styles
Colors have their vital role in Indian culture, that’s why Indian people use varieties of color combination in their clothes. Especially in their cultural, old and classic types of clothes the designers use beautiful color schemes. This Indian Classic Lehnga Choli 2011-12 also has beautiful color scheme. Designer use lots of colors to develop this Indian Lehnga Choli.
Lehnga is in old classic style having beautiful design developed with the help of gorgeous colors. Choli has latest and modern type of outfit have full sleeve pattern with close round shape neck style. Full length Choli in single dominates color looks so powerful with this Classic Lehnga.

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