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Bridal Makeup | Here Come the Brides


Rukaiya’s comeback and the recent launch of her salon is the best thing to happen to the beauty industry since Nabila and Tariq Amin. A master of the art of making women look like a million dollars, Rukaiya plans to focus on brides as the core of her business. In her first bridal shoot for instep she picks five of the most spectacular faces to create magic.
“I think what every bride wants is to look as beautiful and elegant as she can for her wedding.” Says Rukaiya. “My philosophy is to enhance her beauty without overdoing it; bridal makeup can be completely OOT, making women look like Christmas trees.”
Brides are always incomplete without makeup. Now a days fashion introduced top quality makeup artist in the world, which are alway introducing best quality of bridal makeup trend.

And we all know exactly what she means. That caked face with jarring ‘80s eye shadow and the wrong shade of red for a woman;s complexion can break a bride, while well-applied make-up and well chosen color can make her look like a dream just like these five gorgeous ladies. Style Magazine

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