12 Mart 2013 Salı

OUTFIT: Gold Brocade

photos taken by Fashion is a Party

It is and was so cold that there was simply no way I would wear these trousers without tights! I'm sure the look would have been a bit more refined without the tights and with my new Zara pointy pumps but.. too cold! Really to cold! I'm wearing a million layers under the jumper as well, there was just no way I would have been smiling without the tights! Even leggings wouldn't have done the trick. The worst thing about wearing tights under trousers is the static (and thus the pants "glueing" to the tights at the most horrible places) The H&M Trend angora jumper was on sale and the only size left was a size 10 hence the oversized-ness, even though the jumper was way to big I tried it on anyway and really liked it being oversized!

Wearing: H&M trend angora jumper, H&M Trend asymmetrical shirt, TopShop gold brocade trousers, tights, Zara heels

Thank you Suz for taking the photos :)

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