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Barbara Bui Fall 2013 Collection

Barbara Bui Fall 2013 Collection
One can never go wrong with black seems to have been the premise Barbara Bui used for her fall 2013 line. Have a look at some of best runway highlights.

The Barbara Bui fall 2013 collection brought wearable combos which focused on bringing luxurious touches presented through a variety of seductive elements which exuded boldness without compromises in terms of refinement. The line was clearly defined and brought a handful of style elements which reflected a keen awareness of the general style direction that dominates the new season bringing an interesting blend of masculine and feminine elements that proved surprisingly balanced.

The sense of edginess was reflected in the Barbara Bui fall 2013 line mainly through the eternally elegant black and also through the already well known star piece of the new season, the oversized coat with a mannish allure which brings a strong contrast between proportions and volumes along with a cool modern touch. Among the interesting items brought by Barbara Bui were cropped tops, amazing sheer blouses which would definitely test the boundaries of the average gal and strong metallic accents.

There are somethings that never seem to lose their appeal and the black/gold combo is definitely one them in the designer's eye. Still, those looking for pieces with staying power that will find plenty of alternatives worth exploring. From spectacular elegant blazers with a discreet edgy flair to fabulous leather jackets, the new Barbara Bui fall 2013 collection has something for everyone. Plus, the versatile tonal palette offers plenty of mixing and matching possibilities. With clean cuts and simple yet incredibly effective textural combos, the new season looks are well defined and manage to impress in spite of their apparent simplicity.

In the new Barbara Bui collection presented at Paris Fashion Week, the appeal of monochrome outfits is revived in a spectacular manner while exciting metallic accents complete the looks giving them an elegant twist. Whether you crave spectacular edgy looks or wish to shake up the classics and avoid style ruts, the new line from Barbara Bui can be a fabulous source of insight on how you can achieve the desired look and tailor it to your specific needs and wants.

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